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Blind Women Association
Nepal (BWAN)
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BWAN Team on 27th International Day of Disabled Persons,2019
BWAN Team on 3 days Workshop for disabled women
Our Establishment

Breaking the Silence and Moving Towards to Raise the Voice for Gender Equality

Blind Women Association-Nepal (BWAN) is a non-political and nonprofit social organization led by women. Working as a self-help group, the organization aims to engage in holistic development and empowerment of Blind Women in general and women in particular, by creating equal access to justice, education, employment and social activities that would eventually lead to their fuller inclusions in all spectrums of social, economic, and political development. The organization is determined to minimize and, eradicate all the possible mental and physical harassment mistreatment and violence against all girls.

Our Blogs

परालिगल समिती गठन एवम् कानुनी सचेतना तालिम

परालिगल समिती गठन एवम् कानुनी सचेतना तालिम Return back to homepage समाजमा दिन प्रतिदिन महिला हिंसा, यौन हिंसा, बलत्कार जस्ता अपराधहरु बढिरहेका छन् । त्यसमा पनि, अपाङ्गता भएका महिलाहरु अझ बढि हिंसाको शिकार भईरहेका छन् । त्यस्तै दृष्टिविहीन महिलाहरु अन्य व्यक्तिहरुको…

Localization of UNCRPD and SDG from a gender and disability perspective, to advance the right-based movement

Localization of UNCRPD and SDG from a gender and disability perspective, to advance the right-based movement Return back to homepage Due to the Gap in gender and disability disaggregated data and researches, lack of state’s efforts to mainstream provisions of Convention…

Distribution Program

Return back to homepage BWA Nepal organized a programme focusing on the honours dated 15 May, 2016 aiming to honour Dr. Sweta Singh who established endoment fund in the name of her late mother Kiranbaba Rana under this organization. In the…

Report on Educational materials and assistive devices distibuted programme in Bara district

Return back to homepage Blind Women Association, Nepal (BWAN) organized one day programme dated 10th July, 2016 aiming to distribute educational materials and assistive devices to the Blind and visually impaired children of Bara district collaborating with Disable Service Association, Bara.…

१३६ औँ हेलेन केलर जन्म जयन्ती मनाईयो

Return back to homepage नेत्रहीन महिला संघले १३६ औँ हेलेन केलर जन्म जयन्ती एक भव्य समारोहका साथ भृकुटिमण्डपस्थित पर्यटन बोर्डको हलमा मिति २०७३ असार १३ गते मनाईयो । सिविनका अध्यक्ष श्री माधव प्रधानको प्रमुख आतिथ्यतामा आयोजित उक्त कार्यक्रममा एस.एल.सी. मा ए…

Activities from Core Fund

Return back to homepage Material distribution programs at different places Nuwakot On Thursday, 15th of December 2016, Blind Women Association-Nepal (BWAN) distributed educational and assistive materials to12 Blind and Visually Impaired (BVI) children studying at Chandeshori Higher Secondary school, Nuwakot. Educational…