Localization of UNCRPD and SDG from a gender and disability perspective, to advance the right-based movement

Due to the Gap in gender and disability disaggregated data and researches, lack of state’s efforts to mainstream provisions of Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) into all relevant policies that impact women with disabilities, lack of awareness on and effective implementation of the elements prescribed by the Convention on the CRPD, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Global disability Summit 2018 (GDS 2018) and poor organizational capacities of the grassroots network of BWAN, under the support of  Disability Right Fund/  Disability Right Advocacy Fund (DRF/ DRAF), the project “Localization of UNCRPD and SDG from gender and disability perspective, to advance the right-based movement” is being running :

  • To witness the review of the existing policies in line with the CRPD and SDGs, adequate budget allocation for Provincial programs specific to persons with disabilities, and the effective implementation of the amended policies/programs (including programs response and budgets related to COVID-19), through rigorous advocacy efforts
  • To see meaningful representation and participation of women with disabilities within community women’s groups, consumers groups, and various committees, etc.
  • To expand the reach and services to grassroots women with disabilities, by strengthening the capacities of the organizational branches, committees, and networks and the Government, civil society, and the women-led organizations, as well as Organization of Persons with Disabilities (OPDs), being accountable to the commitments they have made to CRPD, SDGs and the  GDS 2018

Following activities are being conducted under the project:

  1. Raising the awareness of the CRPD and SDG and to aid their internalization among local stakeholders
  2. Advocating for effective implementation of SDGs, CRPDs, and GDS18 in three communities: Nepal’s central Province 3 (Mahankaal Rural Municipality – Lalitpur District, and Ratnanagar Municipality – Chitwan District) and south-central Province 5 (Tilottama Municipality – Rupandehi District)
  3. Strengthening the self-advocacy and organizational capacity of Blind Women Association Nepal membership and its grassroots networks
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