Advocacy on Enhancing Socio-economic and Democratic Participation of Madheshi Women with Disabilities through Political Engagement(APWLD)

Partner Organization: Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development (APWLD)

Time period: Jan 2020-Dec 2020

Project Location: Bara, Rautahat and Mohotari districts of Province-2 and in the center.

List of Activities and Outputs

1. Interaction Program for Advocating for Economic Rights of Women with Disabilities

Outputs of the program

• The stakeholders have been sensitize about the capacities of women with disabilities on employment and self-employment

• Women with disabilities of project districts have become aware on different government and nongovernment economic opportunities available at the local level

• BWAN’s  relationship with wide range of stakeholders has been strengthen which can be fruitful for advocating for the policy implementation and policy change to address the livelihood of women with disabilities.

2. Interaction Workshop on advocating for Children’s Rights and Education Rights of Children with Disabilities

Outputs of the Program

Common understanding on inclusive education for children with disabilities in Nepal has been created

• Government stakeholders have been sensitized on the challenges and difficulties faced by children with disabilities in Nepal

•  Government stakeholders have been made aware on some incidents of misuse of disability ID card.

3. Interaction Program on challenges and way forward for promoting the inclusive education of Madheshi women with disabilities

Outputs of the program:

• Stakeholders have been sensitized on the real scenario of education of girls and women with disabilities at their province

•  The guests and Chief Guest have made commitment to work from their side to promote education of these girls and women which has opened further space for BWAN and advocacy committee under womanifesto project and to work on this issue.

4. Interaction Program on Access of Women with Disabilities of Province-2 on Assistive Equipment, Sign Language Interpretation (deaf) and Disability Friendly Infrastructure

Outputs of the Program

• Stakeholders of Bara, Rautahat and Mahotari have been sensitized on the issue of disability friendly infrastructure, sign language interpretation service and access to assistive devices for women with disabilities

•  Three advocacy papers on assistive equipment, sign language interpretation and development and disability friendly infrastructure have been prepared

• BWAN’s relationship with stakeholders has been strengthened creating platform for further advocacy on these issues.

5. Counseling to the Families of Women with Disabilities:

Advocacy committee members of Bara, Rautahat and Mohottari conducted counseling to 12 families of women with disabilities for educational support, mobility support, support for assistive equipment and good and familial behavior to their daughters or daughter-in-laws with disabilities.

6. Preparation and Launch of the advocacy video via press meet


• Advocacy video highlighting the impact of the womanifesto project and commitments from the stakeholders have been produced

•  A press meet was conducted for releasing the video which has helped in media sensitization on the issues of women with disabilities

• The video has become the strong source for further advocacy for achieving the democratic rights of women with disabilities in the region