Report on Educational materials and assistive devices distibuted programme in Bara district

Blind Women Association, Nepal (BWAN) organized one day programme dated 10th July, 2016 aiming to distribute educational materials and assistive devices to the Blind and visually impaired children of Bara district collaborating with Disable Service Association, Bara. The hall was decorated with many great personalities and the students with visually impairedment. There were altogether 50 participants.

The chief guest, Mr. Pursottam Khadka, a police inspector of Bara district was inaugurated the programme. Educational and assistive materials were distributed among 35 children with visually impairedment studying at Shree Janta Higher Secondary School and Shree Nepal National Higher Secondary School of Bara District. Educational materials like Braille paper, schools’ bag, copy pen and assistive material like white cane were provided to the children. Ms Jyoti k.c, founder of Dibya Jyoti Foundation and the adviser of this association handed over chess board to both schools targetting to BVI children for the promotion of their recreational rights. She also distributed clothes to the children. The great achievement of the even is that the chief guest of the program committed to implement the system of reservation seat in the public vehicles to the persons with disabilities from the same day.

To organize this programme, BWAN collected supports from different NGOs and individuals. BWAN wanted to delivered great thanks to Rural Health and Education Service Trust (RHEST) for approving our proposal and made available educational materials to the BVI children. Similarly, BWAN was greatful to Kaski Association of the Blind who helped us to make available of white canes to the BVI persons.

I found that the program was so effective. Guest from different sectors delivers brilliant speeches and they promise to provide equal opportunity to BVI children of Bara district and help them at any time if needed.