Enhanced democratic rights of WWDs through Political Engagement funded by Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development (APWLD)

Blind Women Association-Nepal (BWAN) has executed 15 months project (1st May 2018-31st August 2019) entitled “Enhanced Democratic Participation of Women with Disabilities through Legal Engagements” with the objective of increase in social, economic and political empowerment of Madhesi WWDs under the financial support of APWLD, Thailand. The project consists of activities which aim to Increase Access on skill development opportunities, social security and formal education of Madhesi Women with Disabilities and issue identification of WWDs for addressing their rights. For this project, three districts I.E Bara, Rautahat and Mahottari have been selected.

  1. Three-days Training in Bara District for Issue Identification on Social, Economic and Political Decision Making of WWDs

Madheshi Women with disabilities in Nepal face multiple discriminations for having a disability, for being women and for belonging to Madheshi (ethnic group that is socially, economically and politically suppressed). Due to the multiple layers of discrimination and ignorance, their participation in social, economic and political level decision-making is negligible. Therefore, three days training on Issue Identification at Bara district on Social, Economic and Political Decision Making of WWDs was organized with the objective to identify the issues of WWDs at Bara district on economic, social and political level decision making. The three days training was organized on 23-25 August, 2018 at New Sagun Hotel, Samara, Bara, province 2. 15 women with disabilities from Bara districts participated in the training.