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Blind Women Association-Nepal envisages educated, safe, and economically reliant women with visual disabilities who are living dignified lives with political participation in their own communities.


To empower blind and visually impaired (BVI) women in Nepal by creating equitable environments in economic opportunity, education, and health facilities. To encourage these women’s political, social and cultural participation through lobby and advocacy. To help the BVI women become more self-reliant, capable, and socially aware citizens.

Organizational objectives

  • To protect and promote the rights and interests of BVI girls and women in Nepal.
  • To develop leadership qualities and richer personalities of the BVI women in Nepal.
  • To promote public awareness and advocacy for gender equality in Nepal.
  • To strengthen the organizational capacity of BWAN.
  • To increase the accesses of BVI girls and women including women with disabilities (WWDs) to education, health, employment, and legal remedy.
  • To advocate and enhance the access to justice of BVI women who are victims of violence, homelessness, and economic inequality.
  • To facilitate the BVI women’s physical mobility.
  • To educate life skills, health, and sex knowledge for WWDs and BVI girls, women, and adolescents.